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Léonore and I made it safely back to Rome! 

I am very sorry this blog went quiet for the last few weeks - on weekends we went offline to fully appreciate our little family field trips and during the week... let's just say the internet connection was not what I am used to! 

Anyway - we had a wonderful time in Kampala, Uganda and around! Kampala just sprouts out of the jungle - it is so green it is unbelievable!

I was especially amazed by the number and colours of birds. Everyone who knows me well, knows that I have never been keen on birds, but I guess this trip took me from ornithophobia to a bird appreciater

Léonore little "oohs" and "uuhs", finger-pointing and amazed little face made the whole bird - and overall animal discoveries that more enjoyable. Take me to a safari anytime now!