MINISTOP - Green Carousel

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Today, I present you the first guest post on MINITECTURE. My Viennese friend in Rome, Klara discovered a very green carousel in Rome and will tell you more about it here ...

I'm Klara, mother of an one and a half years old little guy with a very strong will of his own and friend of Martine and Léo. We live in Vienna and Rome, where I discovered this wonderful carousel that seems from other times.

No lights, no music, no annoying electric bell starting the next round - it's all made of recycled material and moved very sustainably by a girl riding a sort of bike. Her name is Luciana and she invented and built this magical carousel together with a friend. The kids ride horses made out of recycled tires, put on funny hats and catch different objects while turning round and round, laughing. It's just beautiful and refreshing to watch!

The eco carousel is currently located at Parco degli Scipioni and opens on sunny afternoons on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am until 4 pm. 

Little Matteo is super excited!

Giostra ecologica