MINICALENDAR - 18 - Celebrating Christmas in Belgium

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Only 7 days left until Christmas - and I have a few more friends left presenting their unique Christmas story! 

May I introduce you to Faustine. Faustine went to university with Matthieu in Gembloux, Belgium, we met on several occasions but I might say that since we both entered motherhood we are closer facebook friends! Thumbs up for social media but it is about time to meet in person again! 

Faustine is originally from Toulouse, South of France. On Christmas eve, you either go to church or open oysters...

Faustine's Christmas story, here we go...


Your name / where are you from / where do you live ?

Your kid’s name and age ?

Faustine Fournié - I am a Toulousaine from Brussels - I live in Limal, Belgium with my daughters Isaure, 3 and Clémentine, 1 year old. 

Tell me about your personal BEST-OF the Holiday season?

Take the decoration boxes from the attic and with my eldest daughter make our living room as warm and cosy as possible. 

Organize the pre-Christmas dinner with our friends: Prepare the menu and then cook the whole afternoon with them, with children playing around.

How do you celebrate the holidays?

Because our family is in far away, we used to travel a lot.

This year we’ll have 3 times Christmas: 21st and 28th with grand-parents and 25th with cousins!

How do they celebrate the holidays differently where you live now than when you grew up than where you live today?

When I grew up, all family used to gather on 23rd at my grand parent’s in south west france, we were split in groups: church group, oysters opening group and foie gras preparation group. Groups staying at home were singing songs on the radio and drinking wine to warm up before dinner. On 25th we were again having a huge lunch and then a great walk into the country side.

Now we alternate the type of Christmas, once at home, once in my family and once in with the family of my in laws.

The ‘once every 3 years’ makes each year very different!

Do you create any new traditions with your partner and kids?

We started a new craft tradition: making a winter wreath  for our street door with treasures we found during our walks in the countryside around our house. This year it is made of pine tree branches, ivy, birch branches and golden painted pine cones.

Do you plan any kids specials for the holidays ?

Sure, games and a first time-ever cinema afternoon for Isaure.

May I have a look at your tree ?

 What do your kids wish for from Santa ? 

A ’trotinette’ (scooter) for Isaure, and a children stories magazine subscription for Clementine.

... and what do YOU wish for ? 

A delayed present for next summer: get the Open Advanced Water PADDY training !


Thanky you so much Faustine and I hope to see you soon!