MINICALENDAR - 4 - Marché des créateurs

Added on by martine nicolay.

Oh how I wish I would be in Luxembourg this weekend! I will miss Kleeschen (St Nick) ... and the Marché des créateurs at MUDAM!!

The luxembourgish designer market opens today and will stay open until Sunday!

Dear family and friends in Luxembourg please visit and report! 

Mudam, opens its doors once again to the “Marché des créateurs”, offering designers an unusual display and selling space. This annual meeting is an opportunity to bring together designers using different techniques and working in diverse disciplines and universes (product, fashion and textile design, illustrations, jewellery...). There are a multitude of revisited or totally new objects that reflect the effervescence of contemporary production. Limited editions, handcrafted or edited products: the “Marché des créateurs” bears witness to great creativity and is a unique occasion for innovating designers and the public to meet. Mudam invites Carolyn Gobran (Director of Extrabold and Honey\Mustard) as a guest-curator of the 2013 edition to select the participating designers and the scenography is composed of coardbox modules realised for the occasion by the designer Noa Haim.

more info here and a few of the designers here: