MINICALENDAR - 10 - Minabulle

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Today I want to tell you about a French children label : MINABULLE

MINABULLE creates a universe filled with poetry and sweetness for every child age 0-8 - drawing very directly into our childhood memories. 

My personal favourites are :


The materials used are mostly natural fabrics (cotton, linen) made n France.

MINABULLE products are all made in France, either by hand or in a small workshop that only employs a dozen people. Their focus is on sustainability and furthermore they struggle with conviction against child labor by choosing to manufacture in France.  

You can buy MINABULLE at their online shop ( -20% promotion right now with the code XMAS)

Or support them at - with a donation you get a MINABULLE product in return! 

Léonore wearing her Zéphir Vest

Léonore wearing her Zéphir Vest