MINISPACE - Changing Table

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Looking back at the pictures, Léonore's room doesn't look bad, not at all. I think she got the best room of our apartment. In the morning, she got the best light and I like the height of the ceiling and of course, love the old wooden floor.   

The month before she was born, we set the room up as you see it now and since we haven't changed it. Léonore is no longer a new born, she will be walking any day now - so I guess my project will be to change her nursery into a play room!  

But first let me tell you a few notes on her nursery set up - starting with her changing table.  

Changing table

Changing table

All we bought new was her crib

For the changing table we used 2 of our drawer chests that we put back to back together and fixed them to each other with some screws - I have to thank Julia who gave me the idea of using to MALM chests back-to-back! Thank you!

DIY changing table

DIY changing table

At the hardwood store, we bought two plywood sheets that we painted - white for the top part and chalkboard black for the front part.  

We screwed the plywood to the chest drawers (from the inside - so you don't see the screws later). 

Léonore enjoys having visitors leaving her messages on her board - which she always finishes up with her very own last touches! 


Coming up next week : more DIY and mood board to turn a nursery into a playroom!