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It's Friday - my favourite day of the week! In Lao they call it wan sao noi - little Saturday! I think it is brilliant and exactly what it feels like every week all over! 

I want to introduce a special Friday-column to the blog, MINITECTURE LIKES. Every Friday I will share with you stories I found and read online or elsewhere. Stories about design and architecture, for kids or adults, about discoveries and new journeys, or just about life. I hope you enjoy it - let me know what you think ! 

1 - Derelict Gas Station Turned Into A Color Explosion (via 2 - Let's all enjoy breakfast (via 3 - Twist your own mattress 4 - THE STORY - about secondhand clothes in Africa (in german) 5 - THE SHOP _ final product of a long journey - a sister team are making and selling their second-hand creations online - have a look here

Have a wonderful weekend ... and here a quick preview for next week on