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As presented yesterday, I introduced a floor mat to Léonore's room for playing and reading. 

The interesting thing (to me) was the very first day I put the mattress down, Léonore went to get a book and sat down on the mattress to "read" - without me inviting her to sit down or show her. Again and again I am amazed to see her growing up to be this determined girl she is. 

This sunday another observation made me pause. Wile sewing the cover for the mattress, I had the mattress lying in the middle of the living room. Léonore got very excited. She lay down on it and pretended to nap. 

At Asilo Nido, italian for daycare, Léonore naps on a little mattress on the floor. I was told that every afternoon all the kids go in, recognise their mattress - with their blankets, lay down and sleep. I was very surprised to hear - nap time does not go down as smooth at home. It often involves tears with mama or a few songs from papa. 

Furthermore a few days ago, a friend of mine and a mother herself, introduced me to the Montessori idea of having a floor bed for the first couple of years of your child's life. According to the Montessori philosophy, a baby or toddler does not need a cot or a crib - later with the age of 3 they move into a regular bed. 

... It is in this same philosophy (freedom of movement) that a child does not need to have cot/cribs.These can be constraining to the movement of the child. When a child wakes up, they feel confined and may cry to be “let out”. When a child is on the floor bed that they can get off themselves it gives them the freedom to play with any toy they choose when they wake. ... 

a "minitecture" floor bed

a "minitecture" floor bed

It sounds interesting and intriguing to me. I guess the same principle works at daycare, but how to translate and introduce it at home after nearly 18 months of crib life, I am not sure how it is working! When is a good time for transitioning beds?

Have you ever heard about the floor bed? Do you use one? What are your thoughts? 

or the "minitecture" bunk bed!

or the "minitecture" bunk bed!