MINIPLAY - Confetti

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In the weeks leading up to carnival, one may observe Rome covered in confetti - sidewalks, piazzas and foremost playgrounds. And I never really understood why? 

In my memory, confetti has been banned from kids parties since the late 80s, due to its not so sustainable impact on the environment. 25 years later, I move to Italy and the public space is covered in little paper snippets. Why? 

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Yesterday, we were at the playground and my daughter was very intrigued by all these new coloured snippets and paper streamers introduced to her all so well known play area and was soon part of the local spiel. 

While watching my daughter from a distance, I observed another northern-europan parent running around the playground and telling his 2-year old to collect all the carnival papers and put them in the trashcan. The dad was furious and tried to get the Italian parents involved to clean up the "mess" at the playground. 

The locals stood around nodding but not moving one bit, just saying "It's for the kids!" - There I had my answer! 

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