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What are your new years's resolutions?

There were some incredible ups and downs in 2013, but I left 2013 feeling incredibly happy and humbled !

In 2014, i want to carve out more time for myself to create / to sew / to design / to build and finally tackle and finish Léonore's room (see here and here) ! 

I hope there are more play dates and bubble baths with Léonore, more adventures and journeys in foreign countries, more days of unplugging, more beach waves and family bike rides in 2014. I hope there are more  long phone calls with dear friends who live far away. I want to focus on my marriage, and keep on dating my husband. I want to be more courageous. 

How about you? what are you hoping to discover or change or improve upon in the coming year?


Let's meet at the beach and get started with 2014... shall we?


Somewhere on the Northern California Coast (it's a secret) two masterful driftwood shack devotees cobble together a next level surf shack from salvaged wood. In fact, the shack stands to this day, and good-hearted travelers continue to make small improvements. Good luck finding it.

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