MINIDAKAR - 2014 Good City Index

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After dreaming last week of living in and experiencing Japan (here and here), I found out over the weekend that Dakar made it on the GOOD City Index. I was surprised and proud to see that Dakar - my new hometown made it to the TOP 10!!

Don't be fooled, GOOD magazine shares creative solutions for living well and doing good. So the GOOD CITY INDEX is nothing else than ...

... a celebration of the 50 cities around the world that best capture the elusive quality of possibility. Wade through this year’s index and you will notice trends, quirks, contradictions, and surprises. But more than anything else, you will notice inspiration. Some will come from spectacular gestures, like the iconic Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, and some from more humble moments, like the streetlight project being rolled out in Nairobi’s Kibera slum. But each will share an underlying ethos of citizens creatively engaging with their surroundings with the expectation that, with a little work, things can get better.

For Dakar, I hope to be done soon with settling in and discover more of what the city has to offer. I definitely keep you up to date here on MINITECTURE with my findings! 


As for the list goes : The Raw Material Company has been absolutely on my list to visit since I have landed, and I cannot wait to hop on to a car rapide (see picture above) with WI-FI connection!! (to my Dakar readers - has anybody spotted one of those yet!) For today, I will leave you with a Journal Rappé session - enjoy!