MINIWEAR - Nightwear by PATATI+ tralalaaa

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PATATI + tralalaaa is a home decoration brand based in Dakar. Anne the creative head of PATATI + tralalaaa is a young and restless fellow expat from Belgium , who has plenty of fresh new spins on lights and lamp shades and creates a nightwear collection for children (only - so far)! 

I am crazy about her nightwear collection. The pyjamas and nightgowns are made of the softest cotton. The patterns remind me of a french classic style but always with a very playful twist on fabric or detail applied to her pieces. 

Every pyjama comes in its own beautiful bag - I die for good packaging! 

Model ZOE with small bows from PATATI + tralalaaa AW 2014 collection

Model ZOE with big bow from PATATI + tralalaaa AW 2014 collection

An unisex model from the summer collection! Matthieu would like to get this me in his size!

To see more of the current collection go here for the girls and here for the boys