MINICALENDAR - 10 - miniBOOKS by Maria

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Today, Maria will present you her favourite children books at the time being. As I interview and talk to other mothers about their kids favourite books, I come to understand that also books as anything else with kids come in phases. You can read a story a million times over days and weeks, and the next day - the book is written off... 

I met Maria back in 2006 in Vienna. Matthieu and Maria were interns at the UN at the same time. They partied while I was pulling all nighters at the university - or that's what it felt like at the time. 

Maria lives now with her husband and kids -  Sofia (2) and Tomas (8 months) in the Dominican Republic. Social networks and "being on the same boat with kids the same age" brought us back together. 

Our (latest) favourite books are :

 "Te quiero, papá" (Giles Andreae/Emma Dodd), called "I Love My Daddy" in English. 

"The Story of Babar" is a true classic. I've always loved elephants and I remember reading the books about Babar as a little girl, so I like to think of it as keeping a tradition alive.

"Possum Magic" is an Australian children's book with beautiful illustrations and an adorable storyline, so it's always a nice read. The last one was given to us by a friend who thought the father and the daughter in the book looked like my husband and my daughter, and they really do! So we love this one too, because Sofia is convinced that the book is about her, and it's a cute little story about a girl and her dad. 

Thank you so much, Maria! I am truly intrigued by the Possum Magic and I am so glad you reminded me of Babar - I read his books as a girl and I know of a girl who would very much appreciate to hear about him!