MINICALENDAR - 11 - Decorations are up!

Added on by martine nicolay.

Last weekend, we put up our holiday decorations. It was St Nick's weekend and I believed the timing was appropriate to start off the holiday season. 

Every year, I am in the dilemma which tree to get. A real one - brings back loads of childhood memories, or an artificial one for its convenience? But my ultimate goal would be to make one on my own. 

Every year, I am dreaming of an abstract, DIY, reusable and sustainable tree design like this one, or this wooden beauty and another one, or this deconstructed one, or at least just make something like this, but I haven't found the time to finally make it! 

Maybe I will get to it next year! This year we just attached the decorations to the ceiling and I am very happy with it! 

And I pulled out our old wedding table decorations for LĂ©onore. Little wooden trees where she can hang and unhang decorations as she pleases throughout the season! 

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