MINICALENDAR - 12 - miniBOOKS by Vanessa

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Vanessa presents only a tiny part of her boys library today - believe me!

I met Vanessa in Vientiane, Laos in 2010 and this year our paths crossed again in Dakar, Senegal. She is a mother of 2 and created a paradise of every child in her home here in Dakar. Let's just say there is a giant trampoline in front of her house, a playroom on each floor, some niches to cuddle and relax with a book or two or more... the boys birthday parties are famous here in Dakar. She works part time and the rest of the day she is unwinding with her boys at the beach! Vanessa does it all - a super woman! I am glad I ran into her again! 

My boys Thomas (6years old) and Maxime (2years and a half) heart books…

Bedtime stories could last for hours and they love sitting in our library together, putting down the shelves dozens of books. They like to go through them together and the oldest tries to read to his little brother (by heart or slowly by himself).

Thomas (aged 6) had such a difficult time choosing his favourites! He wanted to choose practically everything on the book shelves, and had a hard time separating the books he loved as a young child from his current favourites now. Here is his selection :

 1.     The three robbers by Tomi Ungerer

Even if sometimes they are a bit scared with this story, they keep asking for it (they love the movie also)

 2.     Atlas of Adventures by Lucy Letherland

What I love about the book is that is doesn’t just show you a picture of a city or place, but it allows the reader to experience what it would be like to be there, to join the Carnival in Brazil, to river raft down the Grand Canyon, to visit the penguins in Antarctica, steer a gondola in Venice and a whole host of other fun activities. It’s also filled with fun and engaging illustrations and interesting facts about every destination.

 3.     Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and pretty much all the books by Oliver Jeffers

This book is about the friendship, and how important it is to have someone to love and be with. Very charmingly illustrated.

 4.     The very Hungry Caterpillar/The very busy Spider by Eric Carle

These two have been read an hundred of times !

 5.     Go away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley

Just the perfect one for my two little monsters who knows it by heart !

 6.     Zoo-ology by Joelle Jolivet

I love this book! It has beautifully crafted illustrations and artistic groupings of animals-not the typical ABC animal picture book. I love its larger size and I enjoyed the interesting information tidbits located in the back pages of the book.  Endless hours of watching the animals !

 7.     The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson

Wonderful story of an imaginative mouse who while taking a walk through the woods makes up a story about a animal he calls a Gruffalo , he makes up this animal to protect himself from the various predators (fox, owl, snake ) that want to eat him. Very enjoyable for both parent and child. Wonderfully illustrated, I highly recommend the Gruffalo !

 8.     Where the wild things are, by Maurice Sendak

My two sons absolutely love this book. They like the idea of going 'where the wild things are' and the book inspire a lot of play in our house. The book nicely balances the child's need for imaginative thinking with a sense of limits, and the pleasures of home. The illustrations clearly make this book great.. Don't miss it !

 9.     Waddle, by Rufus Butler Seder

A very fascinating scanimated book !

 10. Biggest World Book ever, by Richard Scarry

Just the perfect illustrated book for boys !!!

 And so much more !!!!

Thank you Vanessa! Read her about her Christmas preparations in Dakar (2013) here!