MINICALENDAR - 19 - miniBOOKS by Amandine

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I have the honour to introduce you to my sister in law, Amandine. Growing up, we went to the same high school, I did not know her back then, but she was a legend - being the smartest and most beautiful girl around - and to this day, this still stands true. Furthermore, Matthieu and her relationship is just the most beautiful respectful sibling connection I ever witnessed. 

Amandine has two beautiful girls, Lucie (5) and Clara (nearly 3). Léonore adores them and no day goes by without Léonore mentioning her cousins - even if she only sees them only a few times a year. Mostly hair clips and butterflies remind her of them! ;-)

Here we go, for Lucie's and Clara's favourite books:

"Je dois y aller. Dès que je reviens, je vous raconte tout. Salut les amis!"
Lucie, 5ans

"La sorcière a un chat et un très grand chapeau, une natte couleur carotte et bien sûr... un balai! Embarquement immédiat! C'est parti pour un tour! Quel bonheur de voler! Soudain, une rafale de vent emporte le chapeau..."
Lucie, 5ans

"Nino!", rief der Mond, "ich bin müde und brauche eine Pause. Nur für eine Nacht. Kannst du mir vielleicht helfen?"
Clara, 2 ans

"Dans ce livre, c est a toi de jouer et de deviner qui sont les animaux cachés."
Clara, 2 ans

Thank you Lucie, Clara and Amandine! We wish we could be with you at the end of the year - we miss you a lot! 

* Léonore's favourite book at the moment is also MOUK!