MINICALENDAR - 22 - miniBOOKS by Françoise

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With my two sons, Antoine (5) and Louis (3), reading books before bedtime has become a ritual over the years. It’s that time of the day where you make peace, forget about the trouble and tell your little ones you love them, no matter what. The worst ever punishment to them is « No book tonight ! »

So every night they get to choose 1 book each, which very often turns out to be 2 books each. I have no idea how that happens…

 So here are their top 4 of the moment :

1. « De Maulef an d’Blimmchen ». From a luxemburgish author and illustrator, this is a  very tender book about the seasons and the growing love between a mole and a flower.

Antoine loves this book since, I think, he loves taking care of others.

2. « Lea et le chat Yogi ». (Sina und die Yogakatze o.v.) Did I mention my two boys are very « active » ? So one day I decided yoga would be the perfect solution to get them centered. There are a few yoga books for children on the market, but this one is my favorite. It works very well. My kids do not only love the exercices but also the story about a growing friendship between a little girl and her cat.

3. « Le grand livre des câlins ». We got a few books from Guido Van Genechten, the author of this book. I started to  watch this book with Louis when he was about 1 year old. It is very simply about different animals huging (and about how complicated it sometimes can be…). Very sweet !

4. « Frederick ». Leo Lionni is one of my favourite authors and I got his collection covered ! I discovered his books as a child and it’s very emotional to pass them on to my kids. Frederick is a mouse, a very special one !