MINICALENDAR - 1, 2 ... running behind

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It is official : it is December! Days are getting shorter, the temperature is cooling down, art and christmas markets are popping up ... yes all this is happening in Dakar! (Read more on the holidays in Dakar HERE) But don't be fooled, with 25 degrees Celsius outdoor, I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea of the end of the year, holidays, welcoming our second child to the world and everything else which comes with it! 

These days I truly feel I am rushing and still running behind. My close friends know that I have even an harder time than usual to stay in touch. The nursery has been started but far from being done. There are still boxes in the house to be unpacked and other unpacked stuff to be rearranged. There is Léonore, a 2-year old who wants to be entertained and everything we do these days just takes longer than it used to be. And then there is December and its holidays... Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I love being super busy and I want it ALL! 

Like in 2013, this year I also have a few special posts prepared or being prepared for you - so let's get started! 


Do you remember these from last year? I pulled them out for you and Léonore :


A few stickers, good old Playmobile figurines, a beautiful set of animals from Studio delle Alpi (more on them tomorrow) and some chocolate! 

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