MINICALENDAR - 4 - miniBOOKS by Gosia

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Last year for the MINICALENDAR, I presented a group of mothers living around the globe and introducing us to their holiday traditions and rituals. This year, dear friends of mine will present you their favourite children books. I hope you will enjoy the miniBOOKLISTS as much as I do! 

Gosia will start off the miniBOOKS - series. I met Gosia in Rome two years ago. We both were freshly arrived expats to Rome and the first obstacle we had to attack was giving birth to our first borns in the eternal city. Our daughters are born just 2 weeks apart, we both lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the early 2000s and we are wearing the same wedding rings without being married to each other (pure coincidence - one pair was made in Poland, the other in London). Gosia blogs about her expat life and her motherhood experience on her blog : VACANZE ROMANE

There are different phases of what Gaia ( 2 years old ) likes reading or watching. I chose the books that are absolutely top at this very moment. 


1. LUCA USA IN VASINO is a tutorial book about using a potty. My daughter is completely nuts about this one. We have to read it a few times every night and she knows it by heart. I think it comes with a natural interest in physiological activities at that age...

2. ANIMALI - it's the simplest book with realistic pictures of animals + some description, and she loves it. 

3. BASIA - it's the series of Polish books about a 5-year old girl who is smart, curious and adventeorous. I like its realism: a mum who needs to work on a computer, innocent remarks how difficult it is to do shopping or driving with three kids etc. Unfortunately, only available in Polish.

4. TOON TELLEGEN : Almost everyone can fall over - such a funny and surrealistic book with short stories about a squirrel, elephant and ant. I am laughing every time I read it. I am not sure my 2-year can read the sarcasm in between lines but one day she will. 

5. LEONARDO il MACCHINISTA comes with Gaia's current fascination with trains. We took it from a local library and I can't imagine how painful it will be to bring it back.

6. MAMOKO etc. Again Polish authors but this time with worldly acclaimed books. No words but pictures showing complicated stories of a few personnages in the city of Mamoko. Good for the whole family.

Thank you Gosia. Read Gosia's Christmas story from last year here.