MINITHOUGHT - Last day in Asilo Nido

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Tomorrow will be Léonore's last day in Asilo Nido - her italian daycare. She has been going every day since she is 9 months old. Léonore always loved to go - even when we were gone for a few weeks in a row the return to her roman routine was always easy. 

A lot of first time-memories are associated with her days at daycare - at 9 1/2 months she was drawing her first abstract statements to her blackboard at home, she clearly found her love to draw at school. At 12 months she came home with bruises from her crawling and walking adventures - at first I did not believe her teachers since at home she was not moving neither on 4 nor on 2 feet! At 13 months her first Italian word was "O Dio" and at 14 months her best friend Oliver joined her in Asilo - since it just has been the smoothest ride! 

Léonore is too young to realise that tomorrow is her last day in an Italian school - next time I will tell her "Let's get ready for school" - she will notice that the teacher will be different teachers. People will no longer speak Italian but French and the experience will be a different and new one. 

Tomorrow when she comes home she will not understand that she is never going back there and that it is her first goodbye of many of her little expat life - which just breaks my heart! 

Over the last few days, Léonore and I prepared a few goodbye gifts. We baked banana bread for her little friends in school - recipe here (no bourbon or nuts in Léo's cake!). For all her teachers, Léonore potato stamped tote bags - more potato stamping here and here