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Léonore already started school this week in our new home town Dakar, Senegal. Dropping her off to a beautiful colourful place every morning and picking her up dancing to the sound of african drums, just makes my day! 

Visiting different schools and daycares last week - as well as house searching - awakes and triggers my impatience to create! I can't wait to be making something again after weeks and weeks of sorting, cleaning and packing! And realising that I get to plan out two (!!!) kids rooms this time - gets me very excited! 

For inspiration and in spirit of the "rentrée" these days, I would like to introduce you to baukind - an architecture practice specialised in creating one of a kind kindergartens (so far only in Germany) ! Have a look!

For more information, floor plans and pictures go to (in german).

Do you remember BAUPILOTEN ?