MINIDAKAR - Raphaëlle is here!

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Happy 2015! 

In Dakar, we ended 2014 the best way possible.

Raphaëlle was born on December 30th, 54 cm long and 3600 g light. We are  all well and delighted to be a family of four now. 

For 2015, I am wishing for a year going from MINI to TECTURE. Enjoying these first weeks and months of getting to know our new family member and slowly moving into job or project search over the year. 

This transition, from MINI to TECTURE, from small fragile beings to concrete structure is also what I predict for this blog. A friend once told me to post only what comes naturally to me, and I confess, for now, it is on my little ones and my family. Nevertheless, I have ideas and projects in the back of my mind, but I will get to them in a few weeks time.