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MINIPLAY - Nestrocker

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Look what I found... on the internet! 

They call it the "Spielkissenhaus" from Nestrocker - a house made up of five modular square mattresses and one door-element. Through Velcro connections, you can build your hide-away or dream house as you wish. 

The Spielkissenhaus comes in three color combinations, but honestly is bit pricey. Nevertheless, i like the concept a lot. Build a castle or lay the mattresses flat on the floor for gymnastics or sleep-overs - a truly multipurpose MINIHOUSE! 

(Please note that I am not sponsored in any way, I just like to share what intrigues me as architect, designer and mother.)


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I recently backed a wonderful idea on kickstarter and I am sharing it with you because I think some travelling families might be interested in it as well! 


Fly-Tot is an inflatable cushion that allows your little ones to lay down flat on a regular, economy class seat.   

 If you have one child, the illustration above shows how the Fly-Tot can be used.  The child sleeps lying flat, but the legs may be slightly bent.  

 If you have one child, the illustration above shows how the Fly-Tot can be used.  The child sleeps lying flat, but the legs may be slightly bent.  

If you have two kids, put two Fly-Tots side-by-side and they can sleep with their legs stretched out. 

If you have two kids, put two Fly-Tots side-by-side and they can sleep with their legs stretched out. 

Aren't you intrigued? I sure am! Go over to the Fly-Tot Kickstarter campaign to see more details! 

MINITECTURE for MUZZLE at Fuorisalone, Milan 2014

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Do you remember MUZZLE furniture? I wrote about it here

During this year's Milan Furniture Fair,  MUZZLE was participating at the kidsroomZOOM!4a project  that provides an insight into the design and contemporary works of art for children, and aims to bring to the public spotlight this emerging creative scene.

MUZZLE asked me to create bed linens for their M07 children bed!

You can see them here on their video! Enjoy!

(look out for bed sheets with planes on a blue background!!) 

MINICALENDAR - 4 - Marché des créateurs

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Oh how I wish I would be in Luxembourg this weekend! I will miss Kleeschen (St Nick) ... and the Marché des créateurs at MUDAM!!

The luxembourgish designer market opens today and will stay open until Sunday!

Dear family and friends in Luxembourg please visit and report! 

Mudam, opens its doors once again to the “Marché des créateurs”, offering designers an unusual display and selling space. This annual meeting is an opportunity to bring together designers using different techniques and working in diverse disciplines and universes (product, fashion and textile design, illustrations, jewellery...). There are a multitude of revisited or totally new objects that reflect the effervescence of contemporary production. Limited editions, handcrafted or edited products: the “Marché des créateurs” bears witness to great creativity and is a unique occasion for innovating designers and the public to meet. Mudam invites Carolyn Gobran (Director of Extrabold and Honey\Mustard) as a guest-curator of the 2013 edition to select the participating designers and the scenography is composed of coardbox modules realised for the occasion by the designer Noa Haim.

more info here and a few of the designers here:

MINIHOUSES - found on the net

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This weekend I will put up the Holiday decorations and for next week I have some special treats for the blog!

I am so excited for this holiday season. Matthieu is coming back from Uganda mid-december / Meeting new babies at the end of the month / Family reunions in Luxembourg / Catching up with new and old friends in Rome and Luxembourg - I really can't wait it to be December. 

For now I will share with you some mini-houses I found on the net - hope you like them! 

cityscape on wall with washi tape - found here

playnook from ferm living - found here

a diy plywood toddler bed - found here 

You may also follow me on pinterest to see more MINIHOUSES!

Happy weekend everyone!

MINIDESIGN - Growth Table

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Léonore loves to draw ! Whenever I sit down to work on a plan she sits on my lap with her crayons and if that doesn't work out we both sit on the floor drawing. 

When I saw the Growth Table by L.A. based designers Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn I was sold. This table only intention is for families to create together. 

“Children impulsively and unselfconsciously indulge in spontaneous mark-making when presented with a place to sit, a rightly-positioned surface, and colorful instruments with which to draw. The Growth Table creates these conditions – but at a range of scales – to also attract older children and adults who share the memory of countless hours of childhood art-making… When the form of the Table is multiplied or expanded, it creates a community scaled art-parklett, or transforms a public interior into a literal “drawing room.”

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