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MINILIFE lately in Luxembourg

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Originally, I am from Luxembourg. When I was 19 I left the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg to go to university in the States, then Austria, ... and except for 2009, I have putting up my tents on 4 continents so far. 

But no matter how far I am from Luxembourg, I still feel very anchored to this tiny place in the heart of Europe. Obviously friends and family are active magnets for this special relationship. Furthermore telling people here about my native environment makes me proud and miss it even more. Growing up in a highly diverse environment - up to 40% foreigners; being trilingual is average and doubling the work population by day - just imagine the amazing outcomes being the offspring of these synergies. And that's stuff that gets me excited, ... and on some days makes me home sick. To think about what I have been missing out on...

That said I am really overwhelmingly happy that you can find MINITECTURE teepees, playmats, bunting and our swings in De Weltbuttik Esch and MINITECTURE has been covered in last week's Lëtzebuerger Land journal!  

Thank you Michèle Sinner for the interview. 

Thank you Michèle Sinner for the interview. 

Swing into Spring with MINITECTURE  

Swing into Spring with MINITECTURE  



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MINITECTURE's blog is back! It has been exactly one year since my last post!

Matthieu and I are still in Dakar, the girls are growing so fast, and a lot has changed since... soon it will be ONE year that MINITECTURE is not only a blog but expanded into a creative outlet and shop! Last year, Stina and I, inspired by the color and pattern choices of african waxes, started creating playtents and buntings! Since I could not stop creating and trying out new products for the MINITECTURE collection!

Unfortunately, my friend Stina left to go back to Sweden. Let me tell you it is more fun to be 2, but it won't keep me from stopping what we started.

Also I am back to be an architect in a regular office. So I am an architect in the morning and an minitect in the afternoon ... I am feeling pretty FULLfilled these days.

Enough about me, let me show you some of MINITECTURE's latest creations:

These photographs are taken by the wonderful Malick Welli in Medina, Dakar. Malick is a young and very talented senegalese photographer and an amzing friend

To see the whole photoshoot go here!

MINIWEAR - leo+oli

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Have you heard about my latest project? Well it is already a few months old and the first ideas came over a year ago... but better late than never! 

I proudly present you LEO+OLI!

leo + oli is a story about a girl and a boy. it is about friendship, first love and so much more.
leo + oli is comfortable high quality clothes in organic cotton for girls or  boys.
leo + oli is playful, imaginative and hand printed in carefully selected colours.

Some might say summer is over - but I am a believer that there is always time for ice-cream!

If you are interested in purchasing, visit L'armadio di Oliver in Rome or contact me at

For more information and to stayed tuned about our upcoming fall/winter collection, please visit or LEO+OLI's Facebook page!

MINICALENDAR - 10 - Minabulle

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Today I want to tell you about a French children label : MINABULLE

MINABULLE creates a universe filled with poetry and sweetness for every child age 0-8 - drawing very directly into our childhood memories. 

My personal favourites are :


The materials used are mostly natural fabrics (cotton, linen) made n France.

MINABULLE products are all made in France, either by hand or in a small workshop that only employs a dozen people. Their focus is on sustainability and furthermore they struggle with conviction against child labor by choosing to manufacture in France.  

You can buy MINABULLE at their online shop ( -20% promotion right now with the code XMAS)

Or support them at - with a donation you get a MINABULLE product in return! 

Léonore wearing her Zéphir Vest

Léonore wearing her Zéphir Vest

MINICALENDAR - 4 - Marché des créateurs

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Oh how I wish I would be in Luxembourg this weekend! I will miss Kleeschen (St Nick) ... and the Marché des créateurs at MUDAM!!

The luxembourgish designer market opens today and will stay open until Sunday!

Dear family and friends in Luxembourg please visit and report! 

Mudam, opens its doors once again to the “Marché des créateurs”, offering designers an unusual display and selling space. This annual meeting is an opportunity to bring together designers using different techniques and working in diverse disciplines and universes (product, fashion and textile design, illustrations, jewellery...). There are a multitude of revisited or totally new objects that reflect the effervescence of contemporary production. Limited editions, handcrafted or edited products: the “Marché des créateurs” bears witness to great creativity and is a unique occasion for innovating designers and the public to meet. Mudam invites Carolyn Gobran (Director of Extrabold and Honey\Mustard) as a guest-curator of the 2013 edition to select the participating designers and the scenography is composed of coardbox modules realised for the occasion by the designer Noa Haim.

more info here and a few of the designers here: