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MINITECH - Inspirograph

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Do you remember Spirograph? Now an online version exists: Inspirograph! I have a flashback to my childhood playing around with this version from Nathan Friend - try it out for yourself here!

We are off to Saint Louis this weekend, to discover a bit of the north of Senegal! I will tell you more next week! Happy Eastern everyone - enjoy your long weekend! 

MINICALENDAR - 3 - Virtual Advent Calendar by Jacquie Lawson

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I know we all have been crafting these last days on our home made advent calendars, but why not have a virtual calendar this year?

My mother-in-law introduced me last year to Jacquie Lawson's delightful virtual Advent calendars. They are beautiful animated and interactive calendars to be downloaded. Every Day in December, until Christmas, you open a "door" to another holiday inspired story.

This year's calendar tours the European Christmas markets. You will follow the tradition of Christmas Markets from Copenhagen to Vienna, accompanied by Christmas music. Little tree decorating or gift wrapping workshops are included as well. 

You might be surprised to see such a classical style here on MINITECTURE, but honestly I think it is just right for this time of the year. I truly appreciated to cuddle up with Léonore this afternoon in front of the screen and watch a little episode of the "Nutcrackers" or decorate our first (virtual) tree together! 

You can find Advent Calendars by Jacquie Lawson HERE